Swooping in to carry us all away from our pandemic malaise comes In A Vigil State, the highly anticipated fourth album by Boston-based The Grand Undoing. With their previous releases, the band established a signature sound rooted in the 5-P’s: power-pop, prog, psychedelia and punk. Now they’re setting it loose with catchy hooks and driving beats, and you most definitely want to go along for the ride. The Grand Undoing is a rotating collective of like-minded players anchored by founder, lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Seth Goodman. Their critically acclaimed 2016 release —Sparks Rain Down From The Lights Of Love — was a hard act to follow. Yet the band kept the groove going, and then some. In A Vigil State boasts ten songs that delve into the changing seasons of life and the dichotomy of being both very small, yet of the infinite. Goodman deconstructs and reconstructs his way into a sonic space that’s beyond the past, present and future. He grabs you right away with inventive arrangements and delights you by infusing each with sonic surprises, then weaves it all together with a dazzling studio sheen. With In A Vigil State, The Grand Undoing have crafted deeply rooted yet thoroughly forward-thinking rock and roll. Turn off your phone, dim the lights, crack open a bottle of sparkling wine, and dig the glam nouveaux sound of the future!



MAY 2020


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