In A Vigil State is near pop music perfection.

Sea Of Tranquility

One thing is clear, with In A Vigil State, The Grand Undoing has crafted a 21st century masterpiece.


In A Vigil State spins honest rock songs that are both clever and melodic. That’s a tough tightrope to walk. Great rock records somehow (even in the fickle tides of the music biz) swim in deep river currents and have no interest in pop-chart sunshine yet, somehow, bubble with baubles of infectious updrafts with pretty cool melodies. That’s the gist of the Grand Undoing’s In a Vigil State.

Something Else!

From the opening track, the breezy, yet darkly upbeat ‘Into the Glitter,’ you know you have an album of great meaning, of earnest depth, of true, unadulterated resonance coming out of your speakers, for it veritably oozes a magnificent, profound, retro pop swagger, that has been missing from all “music” made in the past 30+ years.

Exclusive Magazine

A game changing music masterpiece. Even in a crowded field of pop contenders, it’s nevertheless a sheer joy to behold Seth Goodman’s latest pop epic with The Grand Undoing.



Key tracks like “Key Biscayne” are both lyrically satisfying and gloriously retro while ballads like “Falling From A Plane” exhibit a world-class knack for expressionistic balladry.



Swims around with mascara streaked swagger, a living, breathing exhortation of what it means to be alive and well with rock ‘n roll.



A truly original and wild ride. Songs like “Cross Over Now” are ragged, loose, and sound as if he will collapse any second if he doesn’t get another drink quickly, but they’re also insanely fun and catchy

The Big Takeover


Sparkling wine enthusiast Seth Goodman is unlike anyone making music today. His dissident, country-tinged songwriting is insanely fun and different…  Like David Bowie on acid backed by The Swans.

Indie News At Noon

Sometime it is the unexpectedly off the wall, completely left-of-center grandeur that makes something so good. The Grand Undoing’s sophomore release is a glorious musical experiment with an oddball confidence akin to the early work of David Bowie.  

The Vinyl District


Embraces the grotesque with an innovative approach. Goodman’s elegant musicianship is a mystifying attribute that shines throughout White Space Flavors And Parties On TV. At times, listening to this full-length would make you feel as if you just heard Nick Cave successfully taking a stab at re-creating Darkness On The Edge Of Town. will make you feel as if you set foot into another dimension.

The Aquarian


Expect the most dazzlingly inventive and original album released this year

The Cut Price Jukebox

On the ten track White Space Flavors And Parties On TV, Grand Undoing leader Seth Goodman seems to pull off the impossible on a fantastic album that doubles as a 21st century retro pop flashback.



It’s a real grower and comes into its own after a few spins, we get drawn into its orbit, in a very crowded field it manages to be individual enough to stand out, great stuff

The Terrascope


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